McClarrons & Herriot Hospice Homecare need your help with fundraising efforts

The Aviva Community Fund offers the chance to vote for projects in your community in order for them to receive funds to continue and grow their great work. The projects which receive the most votes will enter into the final where a judging panel will then determine which of these projects will receive the funds.

This year, McClarrons is supporting Herriot Hospice Homecare with their submission, in order to try and help them raise funds for their Respite Sitting Service. As a North Yorkshire based charity with reach across much of the county, as well as near our Richmond Office, we are aware of the hard work and unwavering support they offer our community.

About this service

Last year, The Dimbleby Cancer Care study revealed that carers spend, on average, 70 hours a week caring for someone in the last three months of their life. The physical demands of caring may become more exhausting as the person’s condition progresses and consequentially their social and emotional needs get more fragile, making it harder to cope.

Social isolation and loneliness are particularly serious issues in the area with a growing proportion of older residents and a very low population density.

Support for Carers

Herriot’s Respite Sitting Service provides weekly companionship for people living at home with a terminal illness to give carers a break from their caring responsibilities and reduces social isolation.

The project supports the local Whitby, Hambleton and Richmondshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s ‘Fit 4 for the Future’ vision. This was initiated in 2014 and ensures carers are being supported so they’re in a better position to maintain their own health and wellbeing as well as looking after others.

A respite sitter greatly benefits both the carer and the person they are caring for. They provide time out to restore a carer’s sense of balance and help them maintain a strong relationship with the person they are caring for. The free time enables carers to find a renewed sense of purpose, maintain their sense of self and find peace of mind. For the person they care for, it offers a welcome change of scenery and new friendship.

Vanessa Howarth, a local healthcare assistant commented: “It is a pleasure to be able to help people in their own homes in their last weeks and days of life, build up a relationship with them and support them to have as much choice and control as possible. It truly is an uplifting role – everyone I support is different, each person has their own story, and we often get to know patients and their families.”

Expanding their offering

Herriot Hospice Homecare currently has 41 volunteer sitters actively supporting 26 people. The average age of people currently receiving a befriender is 68 years. Last year, volunteers made 226 visits. Your support would enable them to continue running this invaluable service over the coming year and increase their bank of volunteers to befriend even more people

To vote for Herriot Hospice Homecare’s project, register here and you will receive 10 votes. You can either use all of your votes to support one project or use them to vote for multiple projects. Voting opens on the 23rd October and closes 20th November.

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