Rural Crime blog post

Farming turns to traditional tactics to defy another surge in rural crime

Rural crime costs have risen by almost 15% to £44.5m. With policing cuts and new methods used by organised gangs, farmers are opting for ‘medieval’ tactics to counter the problems.

Farming Heatwave blog post

Livestock and arable farmers suffering in the heat

The prolonged warm, dry weather may be welcomed by many, but it can be catastrophic for farmers relying on balanced climes.

Livestock Heat Stress blog post

Is the heatwave affecting your livestock?

Average temperatures across the UK are on the rise, prompting a warning for farmers to monitor temperatures more closely.

Cloud Farming

How does the cloud fit into farming?

Farming is being elevated from its grassroots up to the cloud to ensure enough food for a growing population.

McClarrons celebrate the benefits of milk on World Milk Day!

This World Milk Day, we are looking at the health benefits of milk - support Dairy Farmers whilst helping yourself!