Protecting Property in Winter blog post

Winter is coming… Protecting your property throughout the winter months

Follow our 8 simple steps to ensure your property is properly protected to handle the winter months this year.

Crack from fracking

Hydraulic Fracturing: Understanding how this affects your home insurance, now and in the future

The purpose of this post is not to offer commentary on whether Fracking poses a risk to peoples’ homes or health, but to offer some clarity on how your home insurance would react in the event of a loss, and to highlight some key considerations if you own property in the proximity of a fracking site.

Horse eye

Close road encounters caught by rider

Police served a notice of intended prosecution after studying a rider’s footage.

Care Awards 2017

Home care work receives recognition at awards ceremony

Amanda Sanderson took one of 21 awards handed out at The Great Yorkshire & Humber Care Awards – part of a wider programme of events across the country.

Cloud Farming

A data driven future for Agricultural Motor Traders?

With ever-more inventive uses, drones have become popular in a variety of industries. As farmers begin to find agricultural uses for these unmanned aerial vehicles, should Agricultural Motor Traders be moving into drones and data?