Building a Contractual Bonus: 2020protour

We talk a lot about Contractual Bonuses, but how do they actually work? Here, we explain how our recent 100 birdie bonus competition came about, ran, and performed on the 2020protour.

At the end of 2019, our Account Director, Tom Landale, met with Chris Hanson and Adam Walker after coming across their brainchild – the 2020protour.

After sitting down for a chat, Tom explained what we do at McClarrons Sport and how we work, showing what we were able to provide to enhance their tour’s offering and exposure. Through many discussions, with multiple ideas thrown around – from win bonuses, 59 bonuses to the perfect bonus, and the one that we ran with – the 100 birdie bonus.

100 Birdie Bonus

With this being the debut 2020protour, we wanted to help the team make a real impact, offering a sizeable bonus to players and generating interest across the golfing community and beyond. Working with 2020protour, we were able to look at how achievable it would be for a player to reach 100 birdies across it, to ensure engagement of both players and fans with a bonus that was actually possible to win, without being a walk in the park. Create a bonus that seems too farfetched or too easy, and you’re unlikely to generate any real interest and excitement.

This led us to settle on a £20,000 bonus for any player who could achieve 100 birdies over the course of the tour. This works because it allows all players to compete for the prize and enables fans to follow the ‘Race to 100 Birdies’, keeping count of where players are at and how close they are to reaching the prize.

Social Engagement

But we didn’t stop there, we also decided to sponsor the tour via a fan competition. We arranged an Instagram and Twitter competition giving fans the opportunity to win £500 if any player achieved the 100 Birdies. With fans entering by liking and following the McClarrons Sport pages and competition posts, people could enter quickly and be in with a chance of winning, alongside one of the players.

We committed to selecting 4 random entrants in the event that the Race to 100 Birdies was achieved, giving each £500. This helped to engage fans even more – an additional incentive to follow the tour and helping to boost our own social media channels.

What did the bonus and tour achieve?

The tour received 195,215 engagements across the event broadcasts, reaching just under 2.9m…

On social, the success continues: 4,173 likes, 1,063 comments and 499 shares – for a debut tour, building an audience and future following, these numbers are impressive to say the least.

A huge congratulations to Chris and Adam on their first 2020protour, we are so pleased to have been a part of it! What’s next?!

We also saw a number of articles published across specialist golfing publications, such as Yorkshire Golfer and Golf Monthly. The interest and buzz these types of bonuses can create is obvious and something that’s not lost on the press!

How did the players perform?

Back in July, when the tour was underway again, it looked like the bonus was nailed on with Nick Poppleton and others raking in the birdies, including Nick McCarthy and Tom Chapman, who had shown great promise in hitting the £20k target across the tour. But with the final game in hand at Huddersfield, Poppleton had just 6 birdies left to find across the 18 holes… and talk about going to the wire!

After a few pars on the start of the back nine, Poppleton found a birdie at the par 5 14th hole, leaving just two to find in the last four holes.

Two required from the last two holes.

Par 3, playing tough, he put it to 15ft with a putt across the green. Nick needed this to keep the bonus alive, agonisingly this putt missed, which meant he would at best finish on 99 birdies if he were to birdie the last, which he did… comfortably. An incredible, nail-biting finish to the very end, the Race to 100 Birdies added some real excitement and fierce competition across the tour, with an impressive following and social media exposure.

What can we offer you as a Tour or Sponsor?

Creating and shaping a bonus to align to your/a tour can enhance the exposure and field strength, with a sponsor putting their brand across the incentive, it gives that extra bit to any golf tour.  

At McClarrons Sport, we work with tours and sponsors to create the perfect bonus incentive, ticking all boxes that are required for the sponsor and your objectives of supporting a tour.

Contact Tom Landale at if you’d be interested in us helping you put your very own contractual bonus together.

Building a Contractual Bonus: 2020protour

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