Kane’s hamstring? Rashford’s back? Empty racecourses are the real Euro 2020 concern this summer

With Harry Kane struggling and Marcus Rashford unlikely to play again this season, Gareth Southgate has a real problem ahead of him. But it isn’t only the England manager fretting as to whether his side progresses through the group stage of the upcoming European Championships; racecourse owners also have every right to be concerned.

According to a recent study at the University of Liverpool, big football matches can impact quite dramatically on attendance at the racing. And it doesn’t come much bigger than a tournament knockout match on a warm summer’s day.

When a race-day competed with an England football match in one of the summer tournaments over the past two decades, the reduction in attendance for flat (nearly 20%) and all-weather (about 35%) racing is particularly adverse.

But with Euro 2020 being a particularly complex behemoth to navigate, there are as many as five potential slots in which England could play a last 16 match, including two over a weekend. There are then a further six potential times for England games during the remainder of the tournament.

And this is where McClarrons Sport revenue protection insurance steps in, handling the losses that occur for businesses from conditional events, such as England playing on a particular date at Euro 2020.

Garry Davies, Accident, Health, Sports & Contingency Director at McClarrons Sport explains: “We have a range of insurance solutions in respect of England’s performance in the Euro 2020 Tournament. From blanket stage coverage to granular match specific outcomes, there are policies to fit all bespoke requirements and budgets, mitigating the financial exposure resulting from potential fixture clashes – a clearly demonstrated and tangible risk for racecourses and the wider racing industry.”

Kane’s hamstring? Rashford’s back? Empty racecourses are the real Euro 2020 concern this summer

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