Half-Time Entertainment: how to improve the match day experience for your fans

McClarrons Sport are specialists in the mitigation of financial risk created by performance-based marketing campaigns such as Half-Time Entertainment events.

We have extensive experience in working with clubs who take advantage of this type of marketing promotion, offering them the perfect opportunity to align and engage with sponsors.

We have seen clubs have great success through this type of marketing initiative; it can create great PR for clubs and provides great opportunities for the sponsor, such as enhancing brand value and services. This type of opportunity also gives you, as a club, the option to sell this as a complete package to a sponsor, meaning you could also benefit financially from such a campaign.

It’s well-known that fans enjoy half time entertainment, and will engage with it, especially when there are large amounts of money to be won! So if the fans enjoy it, sponsors can gain great exposure from it and it will generate significant marketing and financial opportunities for you – why would you not speak to us about your own campaign, today?

Types of half-time entertainment can vary widely, from something as simple as a cross bar challenge to a more complex entertainment, like stopping the ball in a certain area of the pitch to win. Crowd participation and engagement is pretty much guaranteed, with great social and PR exposure almost guaranteed to follow.

One of our previous half-time campaigns, working with a Premier League club, was a game called ‘Prize where it Lies’. This event gave three crowd members the opportunity to kick the football from the touchline, and if it landed in the certain area of the target, they would win £10,000. This is just one example of the many different types of competitions we can help you arrange for your half-time intervals.

Get in touch to discuss your next potential Half Time Entertainment campaign!

Half-Time Entertainment: how to improve the match day experience for your fans

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