Hole in One Insurance – a proven way to engage players and generate some excitement!

Do you want the ability to offer extravagant prizes that grab attention at your golf event? The new top of the range car, luxury five-star holidays, a significant amount of cash or some other luxury goods? Then hole in one insurance is for you!

At lower premiums than you might think, hole in one insurance allows you to eliminate the risk of having to pay out a pricey, bank damaging prize on the off chance that a player defies the odds, scoring a hole in one.

Although for an amateur the possibility of achieving a hole in one is in the region of 1 in 12,750, and for a professional 1 in 2,500, why take the risk, and leave yourself open a costly regret if a hole in one is scored?

Paul Neilson, a player at Winchester GC, had to buy £650 of champagne for the entire golf club after achieving the feat, turning a momentous occasion in his golf career, into a somewhat less enjoyable one. His comment? ‘I can’t afford to go through all that again. I used to have a policy but never got around to renewing it’.*

In the grand scheme of things, Pauls’ bar tab was only a small price to pay but it highlights the importance of having insurance in place. Imagine the colossal damage a large prize could cause if you organised a corporate golf event with an uninsured jackpot prize!

At McClarrons Sport, we know that is less than ideal and just because the odds are small, it doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen. To find out more about insured hole in one prizes and how we can help you raise the profile of your golf day with complete peace of mind, contact us today!

We look forward to helping you #InsureResponsibly.




Hole in One Insurance – a proven way to engage players and generate some excitement!

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