Refreshing opportunities for the horse racing industry

William Hill have recently announced that they will be closing 700 of their stores, attributing this to the stake reduction on FOBTs (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) from £100 to just £2.

The knock-on effect on the betting industry, and in particular on racing, could mean less money into the industry overall. This would have repercussions across the horse racing world, with prize money seriously impacted. With less prize money available, there is a danger that we will see less horses in training and therefore, competing. Inevitably, this would lead to less money being brought into the industry and so on and so forth.

Bonuses are a great way of incentivising trainers, jockeys and owners to compete, and helps to generate excitement around the sport more widely. They are an affordable way of increasing the prize money available, encouraging larger numbers of runners, awareness and potentially even footfall into betting shops and directly to the racecourses themselves.

We’ve seen some great examples of extremely successful campaigns over the past year; Shadwell’s £25,000 bonus, Tattersall’s Craven Breeze Up Bonus and The Weatherbys Hamilton Stayers’ Million, to name just a few.

Not only are bonuses great to use as marketing tools, they also offer racecourses and governing bodies a new revenue stream through the commercialisation of the new marketing inventory created. The naming rights to bonuses are a proven money spinner as brands and sponsors align themselves to campaigns with huge PR value and exposures extending over long durations.

McClarrons Sport can arrange affordable bonuses for companies to increase their exposure and brand awareness. We can assist with your project from conception to completion, advising on how to best build your bonus scheme and arranging reliable insurance for you to be able to do so. We will consider exactly what it is you are trying to achieve, any budgetary constraints and look to add value through our long-standing connections.

If you’d be interested in arranging a bonus, contact the team at

Refreshing opportunities for the horse racing industry

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