Opening up your business after lockdown

We are aware that Covid-19 has had a huge effect on many businesses, with a large amount having had to close down for a number of weeks. As the number of new cases of Covid-19 begin to fall, lockdown has been eased slightly and certain sectors are able to begin trading again, including all non-essential shops being allowed to reopen from Monday 15th June.

There are 5 key aspects which you should have in mind when re-opening.

  1. How do you anticipate your business will operate in the short, medium and longer term?
  2. What are the key operations needed in the initial opening, and then operating phase?
  3. How will you manage social distancing?
  4. How will cleaning be managed?
  5. How will you manage general hygiene and PPE in the workplace?

We have put together 5 checklists that provide some guidance to support you with a safe reopening.

  1. Premises Checklist
  2. Machinery Checklist
  3. Cleaning Santising checklist
  4. Managing customers checklist
  5. AXA Post Coronavirus Guidance for Motor Trade

If you’d like further advice or if the above documents do not apply to you, please feel free to contact us to discuss what you should be looking at and considering.

However, we would recommend that you also check the government website regularly for the latest information and advice. As well as guidance to help employers, there is advice for employees and the self-employed, providing assistance around how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic, here.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team regarding your insurances, contact the Commercial Team at or by calling 01653 609151.

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