Rocket Yard & McClarrons Sport launch new partnership

Pioneers in all things marketing & sponsorship management, Rocket Yard Sports have joined forces with specialist sports contingency insurance brokers – McClarrons Sport – to offer a fully formed sponsorship proposition for brands and sportspeople alike.

Sport is the nexus that cuts through the gender, racial, social, financial and geographical boundaries that traditionally divide us.

In this vein, the logical step for both Rocket Yard and McClarrons Sport was to act together in the way that sport unites the diversity and passion that sits within each and every sports fan.

On this basis, Rocket Yard Sports, a sports marketing and sponsorship agency have created a unique and innovative service known as Rocket Club. Ideal for small to medium sized companies who are looking to present and represent a united, inclusive front to both their employees and customers.

Within Rocket Club sits three sports sponsorship related services: beginning with sponsorship training for marketing teams, then onto installing sponsorship initiatives and finally, fully managing sponsorship programmes on behalf of businesses. All this, with the sole purpose of showing and delivering brands that a message of equality and inclusivity is a powerful tool for shaping communities, and their businesses, for the better.

Whilst brands look to support individuals and teams through sponsorship, with this financial input supporting and even incentivising teams and sportspeople, McClarrons Sport provide sports contingency insurance. Through insurance, companies can benefit from smaller financial commitments whilst seeing the same impressive return and engagement from their marketing initiatives.

As sports sponsorship and insurance often go hand in hand, this partnership is aimed at demonstrating how businesses can combine both elements into an effective marketing strategy to ensure greater commercial success.

Managing Director at Rocket Yard, Daryl Evans, commented: “We are delighted to partner with McClarrons Sport with our ground-breaking service. The strong reputation that McClarrons Sport have built up is a testament to the way they do business, and we cannot think of a finer business to partner with. We are excited to deliver our services to businesses and showcase actual examples of how insurance can be used to develop and grow sponsorship programmes.”

With Rocket Yard and McClarrons Sport’s new partnership, sponsorship programmes can be created to open and access new audiences for brands and individuals; as Rocket Yard provide competitive analysis of sponsorship options, considering budgets and which marketing activities would provide the best return, McClarrons Sport arrange insurance solutions to support the campaign. Example sponsored bonus campaigns include:

  • An individual to win 4 events in a golf tour, or reaching a certain number of world ranking points
  • A certain number of 147s achieved across a snooker tournament
  • A football team to be promoted, where fans may also benefit, e.g. season-ticket holders entered into a raffle to win a prize

Garry Davies, Director at McClarrons Sport, said of the partnership: “We’re really excited about what this new partnership can bring to brands and sporting professionals; with the knowledge and experience Rocket Yard have in creating strategic sponsorship programmes and partnerships, and our ability to support and commercialise these, the opportunities will be endless.”

If you’re looking to make your name known in the sporting world or to find sponsorship support, contact Rocket Yard at, and we will work with you to manage and develop a sponsorship programme that gets results.

Rocket Yard & McClarrons Sport launch new partnership

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