Season Ticket sales – A new approach!

At this time of year, as the sales and marketing functions within clubs shift focus to the up-coming season, one point high on the agenda is always season ticket sales.

As sure as night follows day, in the majority of cases the creativity extends to the tired and exhausted ‘Early Bird Discount’.

At McClarrons Sport, we work alongside clubs to push the promotional boundaries and create innovative and exciting marketing campaigns to drive sales utilising a club’s on-field performance, coupled with the fans’ inherent enthusiasm for their team. Out with the Early Bird Discount and in with creative risk-integrated campaigns.

With examples across a range of sports, including football and rugby we work with our clients from conception to completion ensuring the most compelling and cohesive campaign is structured. All campaigns are underpinned utilising financial risk which is fully managed using the insurance market in the most efficient and comprehensive manner.

The insurance premium associated with the sale of each season ticket is only a fraction of the cost, and depending on the risk profile of the campaign, derives a net result per ticket sold greater than a standard Early Bird Discount. In addition, commercialising the campaign through a traditional sponsorship sale, allowing a partner brand to align themselves to the campaign, secures a club an upfront financial benefit.

Imagine offering your fans the following:

Buy your season ticket before date X and if we score Y goals or more in Month Z, get your season ticket for free!
Buy your season ticket before date X and if we go unbeaten until the end of this season, get your season ticket free!
Buy your season ticket before date X and if we win our first three games of the new campaign, get a full refund!


So, what are the key benefits of running a Season Ticket Campaign?

  • Differentiates your club
  • Tailored promotions that fit your club’s performance expectations and budgetary constraints
  • Engages fans and gives them a tangible benefit
  • Generates goodwill with fans
  • Creates new commercial inventory
  • Gives you scope to increase secondary spend, generating further income
  • Proven sales driver
  • Low and fixed cost
  • Generates immediate cash flow

Get in touch with us today and learn how we can help your club looking ahead to the 2020/21 season!



Season Ticket sales – A new approach!

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