About Rural Insurance

Having arranged Rural insurance for over 25 years, we understand the protection required by farms, equestrian businesses, country estates and more.

McClarrons’ Rural insurance specialists understand the nuanced claims scenarios faced by a broad range of rural businesses, and are able to arrange relevant protection and access specially designed products.


With McClarrons you will receive relevant protection and timely claims support should you need it. The team at McClarrons have both the knowledge and experience to provide relevant advice not just around your arable, livestock or dairy farm but to everything and everyone that it relies upon.


Cover the wealth of assets an estate can represent, as well as the events it may play host to. Estate insurance arranged by McClarrons can be tailored to give you confidence in protection.

Renewable Energy

Problems with your renewable energy plans can soon lead to loss of control over finances. The team at McClarrons are here to support you in your farm diversification at every stage.

Equestrian Business

It is important to defend yourself against incidents that could affect your equestrian business and any facilities which subsidise it. By relying on McClarrons, you can start with the right policy and be confident in any claims support you may need.  

Racehorse Trainers

There are numerous claims scenarios that can originate from a racing yard. The team at McClarrons have the tools, knowledge and dedication to support you through even the worst of them.

Rural Protect

Specialist insurance for the rural community. We offer a bespoke management liability policy to protect your business from investigations and prosecutions.

Rural Protect Elements

A streamlined version of Rural Protect, Rural Protect Elements is a bespoke product designed to meet the needs of smaller rural businesses and smallholders who may not require the breadth of cover available through Rural Protect.