The consultation, risk assessment and negotiation on premium all rests on what happens when you need to make a claim.

This is the point at which your insurance, and our service at McClarrons, is going to really count for you, and is why we have invested so much into building a renowned claims management service.

Our in-house claims team will not only manage a claim for you with your insurer, but will provide you with steps to take in the immediate aftermath. Where necessary, they will offer advice on how to best manage your situation, presenting you with the best options with regards to making a claim.

Having worked with the same insurers for many years, the team have developed great working relationships with them, as well as solicitors and specialist loss adjusters, so we always have the means to aim for the best resolution for you, both quickly and efficiently.

Any settlement is for our clients, and if there is any decision reached by the insurer which we are not happy with, our claims team are there to challenge the decision to benefit you, our client.

Even if we believe you may not be covered under your policy we can still present the claim to the insurer to ensure that we have exhausted all of the possibilities.

Your assigned claims adviser will have a clear understanding of both your position and how your claim is being managed, and where necessary, will update you via your preferred method of communication.

Even if you would like to make a claim with a third party insurer and not under your own policy, the claims team can present your case to them on your behalf.

If you are concerned as to how your claim might affect your future insurance, your claims manager and Account Executive will discuss the circumstances and advise you accordingly, so you can make a well-informed decision as to how you would like this to be managed in the future.

Some of the insurers we work with