Health & Wellbeing support for the workplace – why it is important for you and your employees

Health and Wellbeing is rising on the agenda of forward-thinking employers. 45% of organisations have a defined wellbeing strategy in place and 70% of those without a plan are wanting to introduce something within the next few years.

Health and Wellbeing support helps to attract and retain employees, with many benefits, which are now becoming more expected by staff. Equipsme is a plan that equips employers with a practical, flexible and cost-effective way to meet the needs and expectations of their employees.

Equipsme is a surprisingly simple and practical Health Insurance Plan for businesses with more than one employee, allowing employers to provide a health benefit to employees from only £7.00 per person per month. The process is simple: the business chooses a level of cover and employees have the opportunity to upgrade and/or add their family.

Having faster access to health support makes business sense too. It eases the frustration and anxiety which employees may experience when waiting for health diagnosis and treatment, supporting morale and reducing negative distractions.

How does Equipsme benefit you as an Employer?

  • Affordable & Accessible – Equipsme don’t ask any medical questions and it is the same cost for every employee.


  • Health & Safety – Equipsme helps businesses to demonstrate that they have taken an active step in managing accidents and ill health that can be provided to the HSC/E for controlling risk and assessment.


  • Staff Retention – Employees are less likely to move to another employer if they receive a valuable benefits package.


  • Increase Business Productivity – designed to support employees with their wellbeing through modern delivery of traditional medical advice with fast access to diagnosis and treatment. This reduces the need to take time off for appointments and allows them to return to work sooner.

How does Equipsme benefit your Employees?

  • GP Access – 24/7 and 365 days a year with unlimited GP appointments. Also, prescription delivery service to the workplace or home and open referral to diagnosis cover.
    Without cover – the average wait for a GP appointment is 13 days.


  • Physiotherapy – The number of work-related musculoskeletal disorders account for 35% of all working days lost due to ill health. With no excess to pay and no outlay, bills are settled directly by AXA PPP healthcare.
    Without cover – the average cost per physiotherapy session is £45-£50.


  • Diagnosis – levels 3, 2 and 1 include consultations, diagnostic tests, MRI and CT scans. Cover reacts to the point until cancer is diagnosed..
    Without cover – there are currently 975,300 people waiting for diagnosis on the NHS.


  • Treatment – Levels 2 and 1 Hospital Treatment includes specialists, surgeons, room, dressings and drugs with bills being paid by AXA PPP Healthcare.
    Without cover – there are currently 4.3 million people waiting for an operation on the NHS.


  • Health Check – All cover levels offer some access. The different levels of cover provide different levels of access, from online health checks to vitamin D, cholesterol, and diabetes blood test kit/report.
    Without cover – More than half the UK adult population do not have adequate levels of vitamin D.


  • Health Support – All cover levels include a nurse helpline, 24/7 and 365 days a year. It also offers dedicated nurse support, which supports you if you are diagnosed with a heart condition or cancer.


  • Second Opinion Service – Levels 3, 2 and 1 enable members to request to see another specialist if they are unhappy with their initial diagnosis.
    Without cover, 60% of people use the internet to self-diagnose.


  • Stress Support – This is an optional cover for £1.50 a month; it provides a 24/7 telephone helpline on a range of work-related, personal and lifestyle matters. This cover also includes 5 online counselling sessions. This cover automatically extends to partners and children, if the cover is selected.


For more information on the health and wellbeing insurance covers available through McClarrons, contact your Account Executive directly or email Luke Beeson at Alternatively, you can contact us here.  

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