How to advertise your care home: The BedFinder way

CarehomeBedFinder is a user-friendly website for people looking to find the best care, nursing or respite home that suits their individual care needs, be it for themselves or their loved ones.

We began early 2018, and our journey is only just at the start. We want to make a change within the care sector, by changing the way that people find care for their loved ones. Usually, if you were to look for a home you would be handed a book with a list of numbers in that you would need to call through, but with CarehomeBedFinder you can just filter what home you are looking for and search right away. Our goal is for all hospitals and social services to point people in our direction when it comes to them looking for a care home.

The site has been developed to make the process of finding the right care as simple and informative as possible. Knowing that it can be a very challenging and stressful time, the CarehomeBedFinder platform matches care, location & cost criteria with suitable care homes. All enquiries, bookings and correspondence are managed directly by each care home along with their vacancies. Even with the capacity for all of the latest digital, video & 3D Tour media.

CarehomeBedFinder has over 700 care home pages, and over 12,000 basic listings. We have over 1,000 viewers a day coming onto the site to find the perfect care for them, and no matter how much you pay to advertise your home, you will not come any higher or lower – your search ranking will be based upon what the user has searched for.
For example, if the user selects that they are looking for a residential home with support for those whom have Alzheimer’s, the top 60% of homes that match that search criteria will show up.

We offer free marketing for homes on our platform from email newsletters to the users of our site, along with social media posts and blogs about events within the home. Recently, we have just started a brand-new monthly newsletter called The BedFinder, this will come out at the start of every month to all homes and users so they can read up on the latest news from CarehomeBedFinder and related homes.

If you are interested in coming onto our platform as a care home or supplier, then please get in contact with us on 01202 082260 or at to find out how we can help you! Alternatively, learn more about CarehomeBedFinder, here.

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