McClarrons celebrate 32 years in business, whilst raising £631 for charity!

The McClarrons Team usually take part in a number of charity fundraising events across the year. However, due to Covid-19, we have been unable to participate in our usual way. Therefore, the team decided that we should do something slightly different this year and, with McClarrons having turned 32 this year, we decided to set ourselves challenges relating to the number 3.2/32.

The team voted for the charity they wanted raise money for, with The Encephalitis Society obtaining the most votes.

The Encephalitis Society is a local charity based in Malton, providing support and information to those affected by Encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain. 500,000 people are affected by Encephalitis globally each year, with 78% of the world’s population being unaware of what Encephalitis is; the Encephalitis Society provides invaluable awareness and research into the condition.

Find out about what the team got up to in their challenges, below.

  • Our Commercial Team Manager, Liz, walked 32 miles around Pickering in 3.2 days, and treated herself to a well-deserved ice cream at the café in Thornton le Dale.

  • Janella walked 3.2 miles during her free time around Norton (that’s 10,000 steps)!

  • Our new team member, Fabia, ran 32 miles within the month, with her dog, George.

  • Brand Ambassador & Finance Assistant, Alice H, rowed for a solid 32 minutes on her rowing machine, each day for a week!

  • Our Farm Sales Manager, Darren, went on a 3.2-mile bike ride to Oliver’s Mount.

  • Head of Marketing, Emily, ran 3.2km for 32 days (that’s 63 miles).

  • Holly made 32 cakes each week and sold them to her friends and family, as well as walking her dog and riding her horse for 3.2 miles each day of the month.

  • Nick, our Head of Commercial, would normally travel 16 miles to get to the office in Malton from his home. Nick decided to walk to the office and back, which took him 11.5 hours, totalling 32 miles. WOW!

  • Sophie, one of our Farm Account Handlers, walked 3.2 miles with her dogs each day, as well as baking 32 buns for her family – YUM!

  • Stacy made some of her very own macarons in the McClarrons colours (they tasted amazing by the way)!  If you would like the recipe, please ask us!

  • Jane went on a 3.2-mile walk, combined with a litter pick around Whitby, followed by some fish and chips in the harbour!

  • Tina, from our Richmond office, skipped and passed the ball 32 times with her 8-year-old granddaughter, who was very excited about taking part.

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If you want to donate having heard about the team’s endeavours, please click here!

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