McClarrons’ care partner – OnCare – makes care even more personal

While McClarrons are helping you manage your risks through insurance, we’re also constantly on the look out for ways to help you deliver the best possible care to your clients.

It’s why we set up the Care Network in the first place, and it’s also why we wanted to share the latest update from our technology partner – OnCare – about how they’re helping to make care even more person-centred.

The three big questions

Although OnCare have been providing care management software to care agencies across the country for over 3 years now, they realised they were missing something.  Alistair Cohen, CEO of OnCare explains:

“Even though our customers were very happy with our system, we felt we could do more to help them personalise their care to their clients’ needs, on every single visit.  That’s clearly not a trivial thing to achieve, and as we looked into how we could help, we struggled with three main questions:

1. How can office staff easily capture the needs of the client, based on the different types of visits they might have?

2. How can we help care workers to understand the client’s needs as soon as they arrive for each visit, rather than (always) having to review detailed care plans and assessments?

3. How can we help care agency staff feel confident that no important tasks, such as medications, have been missed on each visit?

To answer these questions, we did what we’ve always done, and we spoke to the most knowledgeable people… our customers. After many interviews with small and large OnCare customers across the country, we refined all our learning into one new feature that we’re now super excited to have launched – ‘client visit types’.

The answer: client visit types

1. Care agency staff can now create ‘visit types’ for each of their clients. Each ‘visit type’ has a name, a list of required activities, and some helpful prompt notes for the care workers to explain the specific needs of that client on that visit.

For example, a client might need a ‘Morning visit’ where medication, drinks, and mobility activities are required, alongside helpful notes like: “Alfie likes two sugars in his tea” or “Barbara likes to be woken up by opening the curtains, and needs to be taken to the shower where she can wash herself but needs help drying off.”

2. As soon as care workers check into a visit, they immediately see all the required tasks for each visit highlighted, and can read all the prompts against each activity when they leave their own notes.

3. Finally, if care workers miss any of the required activities, they’ll be prompted to review the report again before checking out, just to help make sure nothing is missed.

We’ve already seen a big uptake on this feature, and it’s an amazing feeling to be helping care workers to clearly see what they need to do, and to be able to help them personalise every visit to the specific needs of each client.”

Bringing visit types to your agency

McClarrons are excited to see how these person-centred care features could help you to deliver the best possible care, while reducing your risks even further by avoiding missed medications or other key activities. 

Remember, as a McClarrons customer you can access the OnCare call monitoring system for just £40.00 per location per month – a discount of 60% against new customer rates – so to find out more about OnCare, visit or email and mention you’re a McClarrons customer.

Alternatively, to go through McClarrons, email McClarrons’ Head of Care & Social Welfare, Jonathan Copley, at

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