Bad weather, machinery damage and accidents are situations that can very quickly unfold, to the detriment of your farming business. With a dedicated claims handling service and flexible rates from leading agricultural insurers, it is our intention at McClarrons to make sure any negative impact is minimal should the worst happen.

The risk possibilities, if unmanaged, could be endless on a working farm. Fortunately, our farming experts at McClarrons have the knowledge to help you protect against them, which comes from their own personal involvement in the farming sector and an understanding of the diverse range of covers in the farm insurance market.

A grain storage fire and the resulting loss of income is a business disaster for arable farmers if the right insurance and claims support is not there, and it is a similar story for livestock owners tackling an outbreak of Brucellosis, or dairy farmers who have lost produce in a road accident.

Our farming clients represent a diverse range of the agricultural sector. The exclusive policies available to us at McClarrons meet this diversity proactively with quality, competitively priced cover and excellent insurer relations, and reactively with an effective claims management service.

This independent service not only caters to clients whose business revolves around traditional areas of farming, but those who have diversified their business, opening themselves up to additional risks, such as if they operate a B&B, visitors centre or farm shop.

In addition to the usual cover you would expect from your rural insurance policy, we will look at more specialist cover that may be relevant to your specific operations.

We can arrange cover to include:

  • Environmental Liability
  • AWB/Employee Wages Cover
  • Average Free Business Interruption Cover
  • Disease Covers
  • Engineering Inspection
  • Fatal Injury to Livestock on own premises
  • Specialist Asbestos Debris Removal
  • Hailstorm
  • Rural Protect, unique Management Liability
  • Diversification

We also specialise in: