How To Prevent Agricultural Vehicle Thefts

A recent rise in tractor and agricultural vehicle thefts has prompted anyone who keeps farm vehicles on their premises to increase security measures.

Stolen machinery can represent thousands of pounds’ worth of loss to rural businesses, from replacing owned and third-party machinery to lost revenue.

Recent reports claim that close to 50% of farm thefts involve machinery, vehicles or equipment, and with thousands of stolen tractors hitting the black market, here’s what you can do to help protect equipment on your premises from countryside crime:

  • Hold vehicles securely
    Out of sight is out of mind. Agricultural Motor Traders should keep tractors and vehicles inside locked buildings at night and when not being worked on, both reducing the chance of opportunist theft and making it harder for thieves to locate and access the equipment. Be particularly careful when storing Land Rover Defenders, as theft claims have increased dramatically since production ceased. Always keep keys in a separate building or room to help avoid invalidating your insurance.
  • Increase safety measures
    Preparation is the best defence. As well as manually blockading unattended entrances to your premises where possible, measures such as installing CCTV and fitting trackers to any vehicles that belong to your business can be invaluable if somebody does attempt to steal from you.
  • Request proof of ownership
    When buying used machinery, always request to see proof of ownership to avoid inadvertently handling stolen goods. If the seller is reluctant, move on.
  • Inform your broker of any vehicle changes
    Theft is one of the most common claims from agricultural vehicle insurance policy holders. As long as the details of your policy are kept up to date, McClarrons’ claims management experts can be called on to help if you experience a loss.

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Agricultural Vehicle Theft blog post

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